It is my great pleasure to meet our valuable customers.

Logistics has always been changing continuously these days.

Since its foundation of 1991 yr.
Borim T & L has endeavored to meet various customer’s needs such as the
Transportation of export and import cargoes as well providing CSA service (Cargo Sales Agency).
Borim T & L has established its world-wide network to facilitate and improve international logistics
Service and efficiency.

Based on our know-how being accumulated through a long logistics experience.
Borim T & L  has cooperated with major airlines, shipping liner, customs and outstanding partners in
many countries can provide excellent logistics services by the latest information systems including
eco-friendly measures for customers wishes.
Borim T & L makes efforts for ‘Customer’s 100% Satisfaction’ in any circumstances and will
constantly challenge to be one of the global leading forwarding companies in the world